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Hi, I’m Patty. I work with creative business owners to help you find and keep a steady stream of leads flowing straight to your inbox. Every day.

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Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome?

I get it.

Marketing by its very nature is full of fun, new tactics to try. From Instagram stories to fancy remarketing ad campaigns, it’s hard to decide what’s the best way for you to get new leads in your inbox and even more importantly, sales in your bank account.

I’ll let you in on a secret right. It’s not glamorous. But I 100% promise you. It works. And you can do it, no matter where you are in your business.

Consistency is queen.

And here’s another secret: If you feel like you’ve been trying one thing after another, spending thousands on courses, VA’s, ad campaigns, and one more funnel that hasn’t brought in a sale the problem is likely not you. In fact, it’s 100% not you.

Nearly every non-performing tunnel or campaign I’ve ever seen can be tracked back to a mismatch between the business model and the offer.

The secret is in finding a solution that fits.

Ready to simplify your marketing?

If you’re curious about the right fit for your offer, get on my schedule today. Each week I open up a few spots to talk with business owners just like you.

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Done-For-You Marketing

You’ve got the product, offer, or inventory… you need help getting leads and sales. We’ll do all the work and put together the funnels and campaigns you need to start selling.

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Book Marketing

Whether you have your release date scheduled and are working with a publisher, or you’re just starting out with an idea, I can help you identify and execute marketing strategies to build your platform, manage your launch, and effectively market your book and your author business.

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Marketing Planning and Strategy

You’ve got a team in place and are looking for a marketing expert to help you identify the right strategies and tactics for your business. Connect with me to see how I can help you get your business to the next level.

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