Patty Brower OBM

Marketing strategy, tactics, online entrepreneurship, and the intersection between spirit and business

What Does Your Soul Have to Say?

Hi, I’m Patty. I work with creative business owners to help create beautiful businesses. From personal branding and style, to lead generation and product development.

My job (and super power) is to get to the bones of what you need to take your next step and to help you get it done. From crafting your soul-purpose into clear and concise marketing copy, to designing, and launching your newest product. I can be your business BFF and help you get your unique message out to the people who are waiting to hear it. 

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Ready to Simplify Your Business?

If you’re curious about the right fit for your offer, get on my schedule today. Each week I open up a few spots to talk with business owners just like you.

This call is 100% free and 100% designed to give you the best next steps in getting your amazing work into the hands of the people who need it most

How I Work With Clients

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Marketing Consulting and Implementation

You’ve got a team in place and are looking for a marketing expert to help you identify the right strategies and tactics for your business. Connect with me to see how I can help you get your business to the next level.

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Soul Design Coaching

My secret superpower is working with clients to pull out the message their soul is here to share and crafting that message into a comprehensive, beautiful form that is easy, simple, and shareable. If you know what you want to get done, but aren’t sure how to position or package it, this is for you.

Virtual Assistance

Are you looking for a virtual assistant with a deep understanding of the systems, processes, and products needed to build an effective online business? I work with a limited number of clients to provide high-level VA and Marketing tech implementation.

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Marketing for Authors

Whether you have your release date scheduled and are working with a publisher, or you’re just starting out with an idea, I can help you identify and execute marketing strategies to build your platform, manage your launch, and effectively market your book and your author business.

Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome?

I get it.

Marketing by its very nature is full of fun, new tactics to try. From Instagram stories to fancy remarketing ad campaigns, it’s hard to decide what’s the best way for you to get new leads in your inbox and even more importantly, sales in your bank account.

I’ll let you in on a secret right. It’s not glamorous. But I 100% promise you. It works. And you can do it, no matter where you are in your business.

Consistency is queen.

And here’s another secret: If you feel like you’ve been trying one thing after another, spending thousands on courses, VA’s, ad campaigns, and one more funnel that hasn’t brought in a sale the problem is likely not you. In fact, it’s 100% not you.

Nearly every non-performing tunnel or campaign I’ve ever seen can be tracked back to a mismatch between the business model and the offer.

The secret is in finding a solution that fits.

Areas of Expertise

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Digital Course Design and Product Development

Are you a subject-matter expert and ready to package your knowledge into a course format? I specialize in helping clients create student-friendly, marketable online educational content. From creating lesson plans, writing content, to building on the backend with popular software platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Click Funnels, and Thinkific.

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Online Funnel Design and Launches

Even if you have the best online product out there, you need a way find your perfect clients and students and let them know what you have to offer! I can help you design online evergreen and launch funnels to help you sell your courses, done-for-you services, coaching, and mastermind programs.

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Email List Building and Content Strategy

Your email list is the heart of a successful marketing strategy. Choose this option and get everything you need to build your list. Options available for ongoing monthly support.

  • Newsletter platform setup and integration with your website.
  • Development of free lead magnet to offer new subscribers.
  • Ad plan to connect with new audience aligned with your message.
  • Ongoing blogging, newsletter support, and ghostwriting.
graphic design

Digital Design and Asset Creation

From business cards, putting together a keynote presentation, to creating a digital download to use for list-building, your visual brand matters. I love creating cohesive designs so that your website, social media, and all the other parts of your visual identity are in alignment with each other and are a crystal clear reflection of your mission and vision. 


Personal Brand and Style Consults

If you have an eye on adding video content to your online marketing and product mix, your personal brand is an important part of your visual brand. I can work with you to pull together a personal style where your soul shines through. 

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    Website Development

    A simple, elegant website is integral to your online platform. I’ll work with you to develop what you need for your online home.

    • Five-page basic website.
    • Newsletter setup and website integration.
    • E-Commerce to support physical or digital product sales. 
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    Social Media Management and Advertising

    Social media can be an effective way to build and nurture and expand community. I can help with your organic posting strategy as well as running ad campaigns designed to raise awareness, convert to sales, or build your email list.

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