Patty Brower OBM

Marketing strategy, tactics, online entrepreneurship, and the intersection between spirit and business

Soul Design.
It’s what’s inside that matters.

My secret superpower is working with clients to pull out the message their soul is here to share and crafting that message into a comprehensive, beautiful form that is easy, simple, and shareable.

If you are struggling to define you and get that into the world, then I can help.

Since we are each unique, the Soul Design work that I do with clients is unique. Some ways we can work together include:

  • Crafting a brand that feels like home when you look at your website.
  • Creating free or paid offers that truly reflect your soul’s message.
  • Building courses that share what you KNOW you are here to share with your people.
  • Finding a personal style that feels like your skin and helps you to shine your light even brighter.
  • Figure out how to create connections online through email, website, and social media so your phone is your friend and not something that stresses you out.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your business — your personal brand, your style, your copy, website, or services — and feel like they are so close but not exactly what you want to be bringing to the world, then schedule a call with me. 

Patty is standing in front of a door wearing a green maxi dress with her hands on her hips.
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